We assure to follow the COVID 19 Sops to continue with safe Rides. We strictly ensure the compliance of Instructions to our drivers to follow the Sops to minimize the risk of COVID 19 for both driver and customers.

It is impossible to stop the essential mobility service for long time, but with COVID 19 pandemic it is compulsory to following defined precautionary measure to save on ride members.

Our drivers ensure to disinfect the vehicle before each ride according to the procedure defined by Empire Ride Inc. to minimize the risk of COVID19.

Our drivers ensure to wear the mask during the ride, so everyone in the vehicle can be safe. Wearing the mask is not only compulsory for driver, but it is important for customers to wear the mask as well.

While booking taxi service in Westchester, it is important not to overcrowd the taxi. It is compulsory to maintain the distance between two persons sitting in the car.

We ensure to install the hand sanitizer to keep your hands and body infection free.

There are strict regulations to follow at Airports while you are using Airport taxi service in Westchester.

If someone is going to another city or state using the Westchester Airport, we ensure the proper medical checkup for COVID before Airport departure