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Empire Ride Inc. is serving customers since 2003. Being an experienced Yonkers taxi Service, we better under the customer’s need. We are well aware of the secrets to keep our customers happy for long term business relationship. If you need to book some hotel or need to explore  best places to visit in Yonkers, Our professional riders are local resident, they can better guide you as per your need. 

Empire Ride Inc.| Taxi Service in Yonkers

   Yonkers Taxi Service

  • Drivers working with automated car rental operators cannot be guaranteed as experienced. Anyone with his car can get registered with those automated car rental operators without any supervision. While Empire Ride Inc. humanly supervise his drivers to provide excellent service.  We have well-mannered, properly dressed up drivers with proper knowledge of best possible routes to your destination.

  • Automated Car Rental Operators do not use WTLC plates, WTLC stickers and WTLC driving license while we are working with WTLC plates, Stickers and driving License.

  • Empire Ride Inc. being local car rental operators, we better understand the shortest and safest path for our customers to reach destination to save your money and time.

  • If you need to book Yonkers Taxi , You can have direct communication over call, for queries and complaints, you do not need to submit your complaint/query and wait for the response.  You can directly call us and get assistance in real time.  You can interact with our customer service representative using following medium

  • Send an Email
  • Make a Call
  • Chat support

  • Other car operators are using private license plates while we are using dedicated taxi licensed plates accordingly we use taxi insurance policy.

  • We have fix fare; you do not need to care about increase in your cab fare with every new meter. Once we have make commitment of fix fare, we will never ask you for extra fare.

 We are proud and loud to say, above characteristics make us Unique than other standard car service in Yonkers.

How can I Book a Taxi  in Yonkers

  • If you will visit our website , you will see a book now Tab at extreme right of menu bar, click on “Book Now” tab and you will see a new windows will appear with a form. You have to fill the details to schedule the taxi service or you can send us the email to book your cab.
  • If your intention is not to schedule the taxi, rather you need instant taxi service you can give us a call at Yonkers Taxi number +1 914-229-2200 to book Yonkers Cab service NY. You do not need to go out to find and get taxi. You can request taxi at your desired pick up location in Yonkers without leave the comfort of your home.

Yes we are offering discount for schedule customers or customers who are booking through our website. We are offering most competitive fares for different destinations; you can visit the table below to check your fare.

In case if customer have complaint, our customer service representatives will assist you with solution of any problem.

Can I schedule my Ride?

Besides, if you are landing in Westchester or Yonkers from any other state, city or country carrying some valuables, you will be in need of some registered, reliable and secure taxi service in Yonkers. We are working since 2012.

We better understand the security parameters for our customer to maintain reputation and service level to recognize as best Yonkers cab Company in Westchester NY. You can give us a call to schedule taxi at your landing airport as per your flight schedule in Yonkers and we will love to serve your with our airport taxi service to your desired destination.

In the same way, you can schedule the taxi from your home or workplace to any airport in Westchester. All you have to make a call or visit our website to schedule your cab.

Can I rent a car for a marriage or any event?

We are not limited to 1 or 2 passengers cars, If you have gathering  of  friends & Family and you need to travel in group we have vehicles for such events. Besides, we are not limited to normal standard cars, we can also provide you luxury cars including limousine car service in Yonkers

Yonkers taxi & Limousine
Yonkers taxi & Limousine

Payment Method

If you do not have cash in hand, you feel more comfortable to make soft payments using your debit or credit card for making online payments we accept all cards for payment.

COVID 19 Protection | SOPs to Protect from Virus to provide best car service

Yes we care for you. We ensure the safety of our passengers. We follow all the precautions and safety measures and standard defined SOPs to protect from virus.  Our clients are properly dressed up and cars are neat and clean internally and externally. We will be happy to serve you with your travel needs.